Photos of Witham

17th century Witham tokens

Photographer: Colchester and Essex Museum, Taken: 1987 approx, Source: Colchester and Essex Museum, Ref: M7

I have not displayed this photo because I would have had to pay royalties to do so. But I have given my information here in case it is useful.

Seven 17th century Witham tokens, one side. Inscriptions read (1) ‘SAMUELL WALL’ (other side of ”WSF 1658[?]’, (2) RICHARD SWINBORNE HIS HALF PENY’ (other side of Witham in and stag), (3) ‘GEORGE ROBINSON’ with picture of still (other side of RGD in Witham 1669), (4) ‘JOHN JACKSON OF WITHAM’ with fleur de lys (other side of In Essex Clothier etc), (5) ‘THOMAS GARDENER GTE’ (other side of Witham in Essex) (6) ‘JOHN FREEBURNE’ with picture of rose and crown (other side of junior in Witham) (7) ‘THOMAS BARKER BTM’ (other side of TB in Witham).

PhotographerColchester and Essex Museum
Date taken1987 approx
SourceColchester and Essex Museum
Posted on Full size 2828 × 1691

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