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1929 Carnival procession passing 60-64 Newland street

Taken: 31 August 1929, Source: Braintree and Witham Times, 1929, Ref: M505

1929 Carnival procession. Band not playing, so perhaps just forming up ready to go to beginning of route (seeM438). In background, (left to right) 64 Newland Street (Bellamy, chemist), 62 Newland Street (Navy and Army Stores), 60 Newland Street, 58 Newland Street. Includes spectators. The main vehicle shown is the Women’s Institute entry showing ‘Witham, historical scene’, which won first prize in the ‘tableaux on lorries’. The Essex Chronicle reported that it was ‘in character of the period, depicting the presentation by Queen Matilda of the right of the Manor of Witham to the Knights Templars of Cressing, 1135. The characters were taken by: Queen Matilda, Mrs Crook; King Stephen, Miss West; monk, Mrs Hawkes; Knights Templars, Mrs Smout, Mrs Stapler; prior, Mrs Turner’. The vehicle, registration number PU 4142, was a Ford car registered to Burrows Bros of 80 Newland Street on 10 July 1924 (ERO C/DF 11/29).

Date taken31 August 1929
SourceBraintree and Witham Times, 1929
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