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The 1960 Carnival Queen passing 40-46 Newland Street

Photographer: Braintree and Witham Times, Taken: 18 June 1960, Source: Braintree and Witham Times, Ref: M362

The 1960 Carnival procession, including the Carnival Queen, Maureen Sprawlings in the front car (TEV 1), and Princesses, Denise Cropton and Cherry Crawshaw in the car behind (SAL 723). Passing (left to right), 44 Newland Street (E A Braid, ‘Toys and Fancy Goods’, ‘Fruiterers and Florists’, with what looks like ‘Essex House’ on the board), 42 Newland Street (Spurge, with three sets of windows), 40 Newland Street (small, two-storey).

The Carnival Queen was nearly late, and one of the bands didn’t arrive till towards the end, but it was a successful day – see the Braintree and Witham Times, 23 June 1960.

There are quite a number of photos of this 1960 Carnival, for which see M360 to M364, M426, M835 and M836, and M990 to M992.

PhotographerBraintree and Witham Times
Date taken18 June 1960
SourceBraintree and Witham Times
Posted on Full size 782 × 634

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