Old Photos of Witham

8-10 Church Street

Taken: 1961-1963, Source: Brannan, Margaret and Peter, Ref: M1598

Left to right, part of 12 Church Street (no name visible), 10 Church Street (‘Frenches Fish Bar’, which by 1960 was actually Mr Stibbs who was fairly new and hadn’t changed the name yet), 8 Church Street (‘Grocery Provisions’), end wall of 6 Church Street. ‘Grocery Provisions was run by Cyril (known as Bill) and Jan Williamson who arrived in 1960 but didn’t change the name on the fascia for a year or so. Margaret Williamson (later Brannan) is in the photo behind the rose bushes. Bill had been an estate agent in London for about 25 years, with Clifford and Clifford in South Harrow.

Date taken1961-1963
SourceBrannan, Margaret and Peter
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