Photos of Witham

Part of audience at meeting of Witham History Group

Photographer: Lester Shelley, Taken: 4 Jan 1999, Source: Shelley, Lester, Ref: M1188

Part of audience at meeting of Witham History Group, when Lester Shelley showed his Witham memorabilia. Front row, left to right, Bill Prime, Sid Gurton, Phyllis Gurton, Daphne Pettican, Don Pettican, Pat Slugocki. Next row, left to right, Bill Beal, Janet Gyford, Margaret Ainsley (left of Sid Gurton), ???, Pat Harlow, Edith Willsher (between the Petticans), John Newman (hand up). Third row back, Howard Williams, Diane Williams Sandra Howell, Peter Howell, Polly Wheaton, Joan Jones (right of Don Pettican), Mary Barnard (in front of door). Back row, George Capon (behind Janet Gyford).

PhotographerLester Shelley
Date taken4 Jan 1999
SourceShelley, Lester
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