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Part of Victory parade, showing the band in Newland Street

Taken: May 1945, Ref: M1811a

M1811. The Victory parade in Newland Street after the Second World War. Seen from north side. Three sections, M1811(a), (b) and (c).
M1811(a) and (b). In the foreground, to left, between big drum and lady is (1) Sidney Rice of Hatfield Road, and to right of the lady is (3) George Speight. Behind and immediately right of George is (16) Raymond Woodwards of Cressing Road, and further to his right, after a gap, (15) Jack Rushen of Church Street.

Date takenMay 1945
SourceAtkinson, Nyria. Daughter of Irenee Lloyd (nee Mondy), and grandaughter of Albert and Beatrice Mondy.
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