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The Bentleys’ house, 61 Glebe Crescent

Photographer: Elwyn Hatton?, Taken: 1974 approx, Source: Hatton, Elwyn?, Ref: M1023

Annie Clarke (Sis) (L) and Vi Bentley (R) at the Bentleys’ house, 61 Glebe Crescent. See also M1024.

61 Glebe Crescent was the home of Alf and Vi Bentley. Alf was a member of Witham Urban District Council along with his brothers-in-law, Ted Smith and Alex Strathearn. Number 61 was always full of people who’d come to ask Alf’s help and advice.

PhotographerElwyn Hatton?
Date taken1974 approx
SourceHatton, Elwyn?
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