Old Photos of Witham

Bottom of Avenue Road looking south

Taken: 1902-1910, Ref: M2857

The bottom of Avenue Road, looking south. Left to right, house (now either 2 Avenue Road or 4 Avenue Road), Catholic church in Newland Street, Grove Cottages, Newland Street.

The postmark on the back is probably ‘Dec 30 1910’ but the place is not legible. The postmark on the front reads ‘Argentan, Orne, 31.12.10’ {this is in Normandy in France]. Addressed to ‘Mesdemoiselles Therese et Elisabeth Moulinet, 17 rue Craversiere[?] 17, Argentan, France’.

The message reads ‘Mes cheres petites soeurs, Sur la carte que je vous envoie, vous pourrez remarquer une croix. C’est mon eglise ou je vois tous les Dimanches a 10 heures. Je continue a etre tres heureux en Angleterre et j’espere que vous aussi vous passez l’excellentes vacances avec votre frere Jean. Je vous envoie cette carte de facon qu’elle arrive le jour de l’anafin[?] … [et al] P Moulinet’..

Summary:- to my sisters. The church with the cross is where I go at 10 am on Sunday. I am still very happy in England. I hope you are having a good holiday with your brother.

PhotographerFred Hayward
PublisherB C Afford, Stationer etc., Witham
Date taken1902-1910
Posted on Full size 2560 × 1650

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