Photos of Witham

Bottom of Newland Street looking down, with Henry Richard Resbury

Taken: 1885-1905, Source: Long, Mary, Ref: M1722

Bottom of Newland Street looking down. Cross marks Henry Richard Resbury standing outside his harness maker’s shop. Cross put there by his nephew Percy Hubbard (b 1876), son of Charles Hubbard and Sarah Resbury, who was apprenticed there for 5 years and then went to Kent. Left hand side of road, left to right, 103 Newland Street (Ely House) with porch, 105 Newland Street (with shop front, left of lamp), 113 Newland Street probably set back out of sight, 115 Newland Street (behind lamp), 117 Newland Street, 119 Newland Street (both tall, 3 storeys), 121 Newland Street (small, 2 storeys), 125 Newland Street, 127 Newland Street (both gabled, with porch), 129 Newland Street (bay windows), 137 Newland Street, 139 Newland Street (both small). Left hand side, left to right, 134 Newland Street (projecting, facing up street, gas manager’s house), 132 Newland Street, 130 Newland Street (both small), 128 Newland Street, 126 Newland Street (taller, to left of and behind telegraph pole), 124 Newland Street (with two gables), 118 Newland Street, part of 116 Newland Street, 114 Newland Street, 112 Newland Street, 110 Newland Street, 108 Newland Street, 106 Newland Street, 104 Newland Street, and 102 Newland Street (some is behind; the one with a shop window and curtains is probably the saddler’s shop of Henry Richard Resbury, marked with a cross, and he is standing in front of it, with his cart; he was in directories 1886-1902), 100 Newland Street (Batsford, 3 storey, 7 windows in row), 98 Newland Street (Christmas House, 3 storey, 3 windows in row, porch in middle), 94 Newland Street (Lawn Cottage, gable end and striped bricks), 92 Newland Street (3 storeys, 3 windows visible in row, porch on right of pic).

Date taken1885-1905
SourceLong, Mary
RestrictionsSent on CD. Her reference: High Street Shop.JPG. She is granddaughter of Percy Hubbard.
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