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Boys dressed up, probably for Coronation fete at Glebe Crescent, where the photo was taken, 1953

Taken: 1953, June 2?, Source: Brannan, Margaret and Peter, Ref: M1608

Boys dressed up, probably for the Coronation fete at Glebe Crescent, or possibly for the Carnival.

At the top of Glebe Crescent. The houses in the background back onto Ebenezer Close.

Left to right, in the cart, Roger Brannan (born c. 1946), and Brannans’ dog Judy. Standing to right with pipe, Pete Brannan (born 1943). They lived at 22 Glebe Crescent with their parents Bob and Vi; Bob made up the cart; the horse was perhaps won at a fair. They won a first prize.

The crowd behind includes: on left, Mrs Newman (Gip’s wife). Immediately behind Pete, slightly to the left, Jim Harrington (tall). Partly visible to the right of Pete’s hat is — Jones (girl, sister of Chris). On the extreme right, looking down, is Chris Jones (now in 2002, of Chelmer Road, with own plumbing firm).

This part of Glebe Crescent was built after the Second World War whilst the bottom part nearest the town was already built before the War.

Thanks to Glen Dersley for help with this description.

Date taken1953, June 2?
SourceBrannan, Margaret and Peter
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