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Bridge Street, at corner of Howbridge Road, with Mr Fleuty

Taken: 1902-1914, Source: Long, Mary. Sent on CD. Her reference: Bridge Street No 2.JPG, Ref: M1735

Bridge Street, west end looking east. Some of information is from Charlie Poulter (oral history tape 9) Left to right, on left hand side of road: Bridge Street almshouses [50-58 Bridge Street, single storey; Charlie’s grandmother lived in third one from left, probably 54], 48 Bridge Street, 46 Bridge Street (both two-storey without jetty). 40-44 Bridge Street (with jetty), 36-38 Bridge Street (brick, behind woman), 32-34 Bridge Street (with gable facing camera), 30 Bridge Street (with white awning, right of child, was butcher’s shop [30 Bridge Street]. On the right hand side of the photo, on the corner of Bridge Street and Howbridge Road, Mr Fenner lived. This is 83 Bridge Street according to 1925 electoral register. Between it and the lamppost are nos. 71-81 for which see photo M The man on the corner is Mr Fleuty, wheelwright, whose workshop was off the picture to the right. In the directories, there was a William Fleuty there from 1826-1902, and Robert Fleuty 1906-10, then no more. Photos M66 and M100, dated c 1904, have Robert as an elderly bearded man, so it is probably him on this photo too.

Date taken1902-1914
SourceLong, Mary. Sent on CD. Her reference: Bridge Street No 2.JPG
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