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Bridge Street, including George and Dragon and children

Taken: 1902-1907, Source: Long, Mary. Sent on CD. Her reference: Bridge Street No 1 1907.JPG, Ref: M1734

Bridge Street looking east, with children. Left hand side of road, left to right, probably part of 26 Bridge Street (brick), entrance to Elmy Terrace, 14 Bridge Street or 16 Bridge Street, 12 Bridge Street (with shop window), 10 Bridge Street (Croft House, tall), trees perhaps at 2 Bridge Street. Right hand side of road in background, left of telegraph poles, left to right, 143 Newland Street, 145 Newland Street, 147 Newland Street, 149 Newland Street, 151 Newland Street. Right hand side of road in Bridge Street, left to right, right of telegraph pole, 19 Bridge Street (with windows in roof), Morning Star (with sign, 21 Bridge Street), 23 Bridge Street, 25 Bridge Street, 29 Bridge Street (these three half-timbered), 27A Bridge Street (lean-to), George and Dragon (29 Bridge Street), next ones numbers not certain but perhaps 31 Bridge Street and 33 Bridge Street. Postmark 3 August 1907[?]. Addressed to Mrs C Hubbard, Gloria Cottage, Keycot Hill[?], Sittingbourne, Kent. Message reads ‘ D A I am here as you see & am going out for a ride if fine. Grannie has a very bad billious attack, in fact her pains were so bad I had to go for Dr before this morning, reaching has pulled her down so she is dosing now & Dr is calling again. Hope you are all well will write again do you know of some one that would likely suit as a housemaid for my place. Alice’.

PublisherPoole's Series
Date taken1902-1907
SourceLong, Mary. Sent on CD. Her reference: Bridge Street No 1 1907.JPG
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