Old Photos of Witham

British Legion brass band playing

Taken: 1930s, Source: Joslin, Cecil, Cerine, Braintree Road., Ref: M2094

British Legion brass band playing. Uniform navy, with gold stripe and gold braid. Bandsment include standing at back on left, left to right, (1) — Russell (bass drums, he retired and John Surridge took over) (2) — Clark (kettle drum and side drum, from Hatfield Peverel, father ran cinema at Public Hall). Sitting, left to right (4) George Hayes (second from left, hand to mouth, second cornet, Chalks Road), (6) Peter Surridge (foreground, in front of George, coat on chair, first cornet), (7) ??? (from Maldon, right of 6), (8) Stan Champ (foreground, just right of pole in background, older, solo cornet), (10) Cecil Joslin (looking down, left of big horn, cornet), (11) — Wright (playing big horn, double bass, bought the instrument with a weekly subscription). (12) Billy Butler (right of 11, facing camera, tenor horn), (14) A M Knight (conducting, band leader), (15) Len Pannell (far right, euphonium).

Date taken1930s
SourceJoslin, Cecil, Cerine, Braintree Road.
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