Old Photos of Witham

Bus at railway station

Taken: 1956-1960, Ref: M2273

Double-decker bus at railway station belonging to Osborne’s, waiting to go to Tollesbury. It has registration number MPU 530. This was registered on 24 October 1947 to ‘Osborne, GW, High Street, Tollesbury’. It was a Daimler 55-seater. Info from ERO C/DF 11/46. In background, houses in Easton Road on the right. Possibly the Cooper Taber warehouse built in 1956 to the right of the man.

PhotographerJohn Scott-Mason
Date taken1956-1960
SourceScott-Mason, John. 29 Homefield Road, Witham, CM8 2NS. He took the photo. Reproduced with the permission of Adam Scott-Mason.
RestrictionsIf you wish to use this photo, please acknowledge the photographer, the late John Scott-Mason.
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