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Cast of ‘Pinafore’, first year of Operatic Soc

Taken: 1921, Source: West, Peter. Nephew of May and Cissie West., Ref: M1662

Cast of ‘HMS Pinafore’ in first year of Witham Amateur Operatic Society. Includes the following (names following are taken from marked up newspaper cutting belonging to Peter West, for which see the link). Back row (of 9 men standing), Tommy Miller (middle policeman). Next to back row, standing, not in straight line, James Croxall (2nd from left, looking sideways), Mr Manning (3rd from left, short, black beard), perhaps Cissie West (7th from left, long dark ringlet, bonnet sticks out in front), Lily Shelley (8th from left, frilly edge to hat), Ben Evers (13th from left, in front and to right of left hand policeman), Mr Wright (15th from left, 9th from right, in front and to right of middle policeman), Mr Powell Davies (6th from right, in black jacket and black bow tie), Bert Pinkham (5th from right, in waistcoat, with arm across front), Mr Dibben (4th from right, a bit behind, short; he did hair, make-up etc.). Next to front row, sitting, left to right, Mrs Pinkham (far left, looking sideways, long dark hair), Esmond Smith (4th from left, wig, dark face and uniform), Mr Howlett (7th from left, in dark jacket and white shirt, with baton, probably master of music), Mrs Baldwin (4th from right, white bonnet, head on one side), Mrs Fred Hayward (3rd from right, dark stuff on hat), Miss Drake or Miss Revitt (extreme right, dark rimless hat, shawl). Front row, sitting, left to right, perhaps May West (second from left), Mrs Richards (4th from left, looking up), Mrs Mondy (5th from left, behind microphone), Mrs Wright (8th from right, next to man who has arm across her), Mrs Evers (7th from right, long white ribbon), Miss Mondy (5th from right, leaning sideways). Also said to include Misses Ottleys, and another Miss Mondy. There is a report in the Braintree and Witham Times for 7 May 1971.

Date taken1921
SourceWest, Peter. Nephew of May and Cissie West.
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