Old Photos of Witham

Centre milling’ from Crittall catalogue

Taken: 1951-1953, Ref: M1939

Centre milling’. Photo (6) from a series illustrating the making of a window. From page 16 of catalogue. The caption says ‘The swinging bars of horizontally and vertically centre-hung windows are formed by welding together two bars of similar section, reversed; after which the weld is cleaned off by a circular milling cutter.’ John Thurgoood, who worked there, says this picture was taken at the Witham works. See link for notes on the catalogue.

PublisherCrittall Manufacturing Company Ltd.
Date taken1951-1953
SourceCrittall Windows catalogue no.163, 1953. Published by Crittall Manufacturing Company Ltd., Braintree. Large book. Copy lent by John Thurgood of Terling. There is another copy at Braintree museum..
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