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Children’s day nursery at Brookcote, Chipping Hill, group

Taken: 1948-1949 approx, Source: Angela Dersley, Ref: M734

Children’s day nursery at Brookcote, 29 Chipping Hill. Left to right, back row: Sandra Young (with two ribbons), Heather Smith (later Mrs Reynolds), Pat McCain (later Mrs Eileen (Pat) Birchnall, looking down), ??? (boy looking down), Matron Ward, Anita Poulter (dark fringe), Althea Poulter (ribbons), Pam Carey (nursery nurse, later Mrs White) holding Keith Smith. Five children sitting in middle, ??? (fair boy in front of Sandra Young), Patricia Stoneham (turning), David Seeley, Gary Eley (hand to mouth), Peter Revell. The rest, sitting, Mrs Albone (helper and cleaner), Miss Harrington (cook, later Mrs Young), Shirley Succamore (turning), Raymond Goodwin, David McCain, David Revell (with braces), Letty Upson (nursery nurse, later Mrs Dallard), Betty Pennock (nursery nurse).

Date taken1948-1949 approx
SourceAngela Dersley
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