Photos of Witham

Chipping Hill bridge

Photographer: Tim Harris, Taken: 1983 to 1985, Source: Purchased, Ref: M1263

Chipping Hill bridge from the east, with the green in the background. Part of the original brick bridge is on the left. A 20th century wooden footbridge is the centre.

This was one of eight postcards published by Musicrafts’ shop. At that time there very few postcards of Witham available.

This article appeared in the Braintree and Witham Times on 20 June 1985.

“Witham has been brought to colourful life with eight specially commissioned postcards.

Musicrafts, at the Newland Street precinct, ordered the postcards because of demand.

“We are continually asked for postcards of Witham and the only ones that have been around have been the sketch postcards”, said joint owner, Mrs.Frances Mollinghoff.

She said French and German exchange students wanted to send postcards home, and Witham students wanted to take postcards abroad with them.

The shop commissioned 3,000 of each type, which show [……]

The shop has been waiting 18 months for its postcards which sell at 20 pence each.

“We are doing a service for Witham”, said Mrs Mollinghoff.”

The postcards are numbered here as M1261 to M1268.

PhotographerTim Harris
Date taken1983 to 1985
Posted on Full size 3444 × 2429

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