Old Photos of Witham

Chipping Hill bridge with a motor bike and a horse and cart

Taken: 1918-1923, Ref: M2902

Chipping Hill bridge, looking east, with a horse and cart, and what may be a small motorbike with a large sidecar. No people visible. Just past the bridge on the left is 1 Powershall End. Up the hill on the right-hand side of the road is the old wall of Witham Place. On the right behind the trees is probably the Mill House, and/or Spring Lodge house.

The postmark is 6 Sept 1923. Addressed to ‘Mrs Lyons, 6 York Rd, Hove, Brighton, Sussex’. Message reads ‘White Hart Hotel, Witham. Hope you feel better. Lovely here today. Only staying a day or so. Fondest love to both from both, Kitty’.

Date taken1918-1923
SourceClarke, June,
20 Brinkley Lane, Highwoods, Colchester, Essex, CO4 9XN
Posted on Full size 2560 × 1658

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