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Chipping Hill from near the Albert, with two cycles

Taken: 1902-1904, Source: Long, Mary. Sent on CD. Her reference: Chipping Hill No1.JPG, Ref: M1738

Chipping Hill Witham’. View west from near railway bridge. Field left foreground. On left, probably ‘Earlsmead’, Chipping Hill (built 1899, from Witham building plans no.110). Left of centre, tower of parish church. In centre, 10 Chipping Hill and 12 Chipping Hill. Right of centre behind trees, 8 Chipping Hill (Temples). Extreme right probably the Albert (2 Chipping Hill). Postmark 16 February 1907. Addressed to Mrs C Hubbard, Gloria Cottage, Keycot[?] Hill, Sittingbourne, Kent. Message reads ‘Dear Auntie, Many thanks for your nice long letter I am enjoying the rest. I will write as soon as I get settled. Love from Alice’.

PublisherAfford, Stationer, Witham
Date taken1902-1904
SourceLong, Mary. Sent on CD. Her reference: Chipping Hill No1.JPG
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