Old Photos of Witham

Chipping Hill green looking east with children, one with bicycle

Taken: 1898-1914, Ref: M697

Chipping Hill green looking east with children, one with bicycle. On left hand side of road, left to right, 22 Chipping Hill, 20 Chipping Hill. On right, left to right, Barnardiston House (35 Chipping Hill; porch just visible right of telegraph pole), 39 Chipping Hill (with two gables, right of Barnardiston House, above boy with bike, left of lean-to), buildings in front of 41 Chipping Hill, 43 Chipping Hill (no gable, probably with window open), 45 Chipping Hill (with shop window), 47 Chipping Hill (set back, built 1897), 51 Chipping Hill (gable, with telegraph pole in front), 53 Chipping Hill, 55 Chipping Hill (shop window). Not part of the National Monuments Records own survey, but kept in the same file and perhaps collected by the surveyors when they visited.

Date taken1898-1914
SourceReproduced by permission of Historic England Archive. Their ref. is
EX 00216
RestrictionsAny request for prints/scans and reproduction permissions to be directed to archive@HistoricEngland.org.uk
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