Old Photos of Witham

Chipping Hill green looking west

Taken: 1938-39, Ref: M1967

For various reasons, this picture cannot be shown here. But it is displayed as number 119024 on Frith’s website. https://www.Francisfrith.com

Chipping Hill green looking west. Left to right, 30 Chipping Hill, 28 Chipping Hill, 26 Chipping Hill (these three were later combined as 28 Chipping Hill), entrance to churchyard, parish church, and 22 Chipping Hill. The original Frith picture WIT 24 has more on it, and shows that the item leaning over at the extreme left is a small tree. An oak tree was planted here on 31 December 1937 but by 1944 was dead, and replaced by another given by Harry Ashby. Later photos show that the latter stood straight up and had a cage round it, as it does today. So this is presumably the first tree. Assuming the photo was not taken during the Second World War, this dates the picture from 1938 or 1939. Perhaps taken at the same time as M1977 (Frith WIT 22).

PublisherFrith. Number WIT 24 F
Date taken1938-39
SourceLong, Mary. Sent on CD called 'More Witham pictures from Mary Long. Her ref 'Chipping Hill 1'
Posted on Full size 1683 × 1092

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