Photos of Witham

Chipping Hill showing the forge

Taken: 1902-1920, Source: Purchased, Ref: M216

Chipping Hill looking west. Right hand side of road, left to right, 34 Chipping Hill, 32 Chipping Hill (these two on the green), 18 Chipping Hill and forge, White Horse (2 Church Street). Postmark not legible. Has two halfpenny stamps (pre WW1 usually one). Addressed to Miss E Bridges, ‘Stanton’, Wimborne Road, Southend o S, Essex. Message reads ‘2 Maldon Rd, Witham, Dear E, I have had a real good time with my friends here they make a rare fuss of me, but I do hope it will not keep raining as it started here this morning but may only be a shower. Miss Hutson[?] did not get here[?] wish[?] so she had better look out she does not get the train[?] instead as the weather has been good really Hope you have a good time, love Edie’.

Publisher'Sepiatone series. Published by the Photochrom Co. Ltd., London and Tunbridge Wells'
Date taken1902-1920
Posted on Full size 2204 × 1383

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