Old Photos of Witham

Christmas card with painting of wide part of Newland Street

Taken: 1964, Ref: M2185

Christmas card with painting of wide part of Newland Street. Left to right, part of 78 Newland Street, 76 Newland Street and 74 Newland Street (together Marshall), 72 Newland Street (small, no roof visible), 68 Newland Street (awnings both directions), 66 Newland Street (windows in roof), building in ‘Coach House Way’, 64 Newland Street (chemist). Printed inside is ‘Witham’s Georgian Heritage. Eileen Bushell painted this picture to celebrate the opening o the Witham By-Pass on September 15th 1964 in the hope that it will have captured a small corner of this charming but rapidly changing little Essex Town’.

Date taken1964
SourceWebb, David. 87 Station Road, Manningtree, Essex. CO11 1ED The photos formerly belonged to Lucy Croxall and her sisters. A relative of theirs from the Midlands (perhaps a brother) asked David, who was driving him in a taxi, to dispose of them about the 1980s, perhaps when the sisters moved to a home or when one died.
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