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Christmas party, Chipping Hill school

Photographer: H Tempest Ltd, Mundella Works, Felton Road, Nottingham, Taken: 1947, Source: Smith, David (Bud), Ref: M1823

Christmas party, Chipping Hill School, without children at front of room, so we can see the ones at the back. Left hand table includes Bridget Neave (extreme left, leaning back), Trevor Rudkin (to Bridget’s right), Janet Smith (peeping to the left of the boy on the right; she went to America). Middle table includes Norman Hawley (fair hair, grey jacket, at front of row along left hand side of table), — Howe (back right, in front of lady bending down, he is immediately under the right hand edge of the window), Richard Keeble (right hand of the two boys on the front edge of the table, he has collar and tie), Peter Smith (front of the two of boys on the right hand side of the table, with hat bending over to the right at the top, and tie. Bud’s brother, born 1940). Rest not known.

PhotographerH Tempest Ltd, Mundella Works, Felton Road, Nottingham
Date taken1947
SourceSmith, David (Bud)
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