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Church Street around Chalks Road corner, with girls in road

Taken: 1904-1910, Source: Lester Shelley, Ref: M719

Church Street at Chalks Road corner, with children. Some of the information is from Mrs Dorothy Ireland (oral history tape 3). Of the two girls in the road, Kate Say is on the left under the tree with a smaller child in front, and Annie Thompson is in the middle of the road, turned to the left. On the left hand side of the road is probably 9 Chalks Road, and a tree in the Quaker burial ground. On the right hand side of the road, left to right, are probably terrace 68-80 Church Street (between the two girls, low), terrace about 58-66 Church Street (behind Annie Thompson), 56 Church Street (end on to road with weatherboarding, and house in front of it, 54 Church Street (pink gable with Hasler written up; he later moved to 48), 50-52 Church Street (single storey, almshouses), 48 Church Street (with shop window said by Mrs I to be done in Mr Wadley’s time, it was formerly a wooden front with grape vines), 46 Church Street (made into a store house by Mrs Griggs when she had the shop at 48), 44 Church Street (these two white), 42 Church Street (with foliage and old metal porch with arch and seat, since replaced with wooden one made by Fred Gaymer of Richards), wall of Chipping Hill school built 1902. Postmark 24 July 1910. Addressed to Miss Germaine Bau, c/o Mrs Ciril Cutler, Bourton House, Shrivenham, Berks. Messageis in French, hard to read.

PublisherAfford to judge from others
Date taken1904-1910
SourceLester Shelley
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