Photos of Witham

Church Street looking up, opposite churchyard, 20-22 in foreground

Taken: 1914-1926, Source: Hazel Fisher, Ref: M866

‘Church Street Witham. no.43. Chipping Hill’. Bottom of Church Street looking north. Horse and trap in distance. Parish churchyard on left. 7 Church Street (the Woolpack) behind it. In centre in distance, left of trap, 56 Church Street, and behind trap, 54 Church Street. Far right 20 Church Street, then going left 22 Church Street (brick, with sign ‘Phillips Furniture[?] Dealers’. (Possibly Alfred Arthur Phillips, general dealer, of Chipping Hill, shown in Kellys directory 1914 and 1917, or Mrs Ellen Ethel Phillips 1922 and 1926). To its left, 24 Church Street (marked with a cross by original owner, the Fishers of Persiana’s family), then 26 Church Street (with gable), then 28-40 Church Street (‘Charity row’). No address or message. Unclear whether they lived at 26 or 30 – see also M862 and M1021.

PublisherBell [to judge from number]
Date taken1914-1926
SourceHazel Fisher
Posted on Full size 2700 × 1647

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