Old Photos of Witham

Collingwood House, 15 Collingwood Road

Photographer: Montague H Peplow, 55 High Street, Witham., Taken: 1950, Source: Peter Spall.
7a Woodland Way, Wivenhoe,
Colchester. CO7 9AP, Ref: M2037

Collingwood House, 15 Collingwood Road. With conservatory, trees and garden. North side. Tree on left probably copper beech that is still there. Newlands Drive now crosses the view in front, and an extension on the right hides the big doors. Peter Spall’s mother’s mother lived at Flat 1. Sent it to ‘Fred and Olive’ his parents, for Christmas.

PhotographerMontague H Peplow, 55 High Street, Witham.
Date taken1950
SourcePeter Spall.
7a Woodland Way, Wivenhoe,
Colchester. CO7 9AP
Posted on Full size 1851 × 1060

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