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Cooks’ house, Kingswood, 41 Hatfield Road

Taken: 1929-39, Source: Littlewood, Sue, Ref: M1857

Smiths’ house, Kingswood, 41 Hatfield Road, built in 1929 one of the first on that side of the road. Part of 43 Hatfield Road on right. Car is VX 1143, dating from 1929 (appears from ERO C/DF 11/33 to have been first registered to: Donaldson, Margaretta Mabel, of School House, Laindon (through Eastern Autos). Singer. Private Saloon made 1929. Registered 2.8.29). Woman is probably Doris Smith, later Mrs Harold Cook. George and Doris Smith were at Kingswood in 1947 electoral register, and George, Stella and Doris Smith in 1961 G Smith still there in 1968 but don’t know about others..

Date taken1929-39
SourceLittlewood, Sue
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