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Coronation Pageant, ‘the Masque of Time’; ‘Autumn’

Photographer: Fred Hayward, Taken: 22 June 1911, Source: Mott, Ted, Ref: M147

Coronation Pageant, ‘the Masque of Time’; ‘Autumn’. Reported in the Essex Weekly News, 23 June 1911. Back row, standing, left to right, Rose Kentfield (mother was a District Nurse) (or could this be D Leathers, from newspaper report?), Nellie Griggs, Elsie Baldwin (later Mrs Baxter, father was manager at Co-op), Winnie Gurton, Gladys Croxall (later Mrs Stark, father was manager of Gas Works), Dora Murrells (teacher), Louie Scott, — Chalk, May West, Lily Eldred (teacher). The six in the middle row, left to right, Kit Duncombe, — Springett, Gladys Brewster (later Mrs Baker, father was saddler in Maldon Road), — Brand? (father a policeman), ???, ???. The four in front, left to right, ???, Edith? Patten (father a jeweller at 85 Newland Street), ???, Muriel Gibbs (father a pork butcher). Most names from Lucy Croxall.

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PhotographerFred Hayward
Date taken22 June 1911
SourceMott, Ted
Posted on Full size 3246 × 2104

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