Old Photos of Witham

Coronation Pageant, ‘the Masque of Time’; ‘Spring’

Coronation Pageant, ‘the Masque of Time’; ‘Spring’. The four standing, left to right, are Eva Eldred (teacher, Maldon Road school), A Peake, Lizzie Wood (of Braintree Road, her mother died, her father worked on railway), Alice Ottley. Of little girls, on back row is Nancy Gibbs (second from right, under tree trunk). Front row, Emily Matthews (on left), Ethel Wager (third from left, married Ashby), possibly Clements (fourth from left). Most names from Lucy Croxall.

PhotographerFred Hayward
Date taken22 June 1911
SourceMott, Ted
Posted on Full size 3230 × 2110

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