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Coronation Pageant, ‘the Masque of Time’; ‘Winter’

Photographer: Fred Hayward, Taken: 22 June 1911, Source: Littlewood, Sue, Ref: M1864

Coronation Pageant, ‘the Masque of Time’; ‘Winter’. The nine standing at the back, left to right, Eva Croxall (later Mrs Hayes), Annie Laurie (of the Grange, father military) (or could this be B Rust, from newspaper report?), ??? (in front of latter), Nellie Ottley, — Brand, Florence Pretoria Royce (known as Peg) (smaller, of Dancing Dicks farm), Emily Wallis or Wallace (of Collingwood Road), Maggie Mead, and possibly Miss I? Luard (from newspaper). Two kneeling in middle, left to right, Ivy Glover, Daisy Revett (sister of Frances). Five in front, left to right, Ethel Chalk (with stick), Olive Reynolds (father was on the station), Annie Baldwin (later Mrs Ralling, father was manager of Co-op), Cissie West (May’s sister), Stella North (from Maldon Road). Most names from Lucy Croxall. There is a newspaper report in the Essex Weekly News for 23 June 1911, and a discussion about the Coronation fire engine in the Essex County Chronicle for 30 June 1911.

PhotographerFred Hayward
Date taken22 June 1911
SourceLittlewood, Sue
Posted on Full size 3447 × 2089

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