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Coronation procession with fire engine (1)

Taken: 22 June 1911, Ref: M1883

Procession in Newland Street for the Coronation of George V. The centre piece is the new steam fire engine, pulled by two horses. It was purchased as a ‘permanent memento of the Coronation’ with £300 of the £410 collected for the occasion. The procession consisted of the ‘Town Band, Fire Brigade with the new engine, school children, boy Scouts, representatives of Friendly Societies, etc.’ and went to the Maldon Road park. In this first picture, the engine and most of the people have stopped, and the scouts are marching up Newland Street (strange because in the second and third pictures (M1884 and M1885) the procession is marching down the street, with the scouts in front of the engine in M1885). This one also shows a decorated bicycle at front left. There was a competition for them in the Park. Behind, left to right, are the Spread Eagle, 51 Newland Street (shop window with Lyons Tea sign, and another sign to the left which seems to say ‘Essex Laundry Maldon’), 53 Newland Street, 55 Newland Street, part of 57 Newland Street (with porch). There is a newspaper report in the Essex Weekly News for 23 June 1911, and a discussion about the Coronation fire engine in the Essex County Chronicle for 30 June 1911.

Date taken22 June 1911
SourceLittlewood, Sue
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