Old Photos of Witham

Crittall’s Home Guard

Photographer: Butcher's Studios, Witham, Essex, Taken: 1940-1944, Source: Joslin, Cecil, Cerine, Braintree Road., Ref: M2092

Crittall’s Home Guard. Outside the factory, on the south or east side. Graph top left shows record of savings. Back row, left to right, (1) Alf Baxter (medical, Braintree Road), (2) — Judd (Millbridge Road), (3) Ernie Smith (scoutmaster, Cressing Road), (4) ??? (from Coggeshall), (5) ???, (6) — Burton, (7) Dick Chapman (runner, worked in office), (8) Frank Parkin (spotter, Rickstones Road), (9) ??? (Bridge Street), (10) ???, (11) ??? (Maldon Road). Middle row, (12) Sergeant Bell? (Cressing Road), (13) Cecil Ager (confirmed by Betty Vale, his neice; no relation to 17), (14) ??? (in boiler house), (15) Rex Griggs (spotter, Maldon Road), (16) Ted Shelley (was in World War 1, Cressing Road), (17) — Ager (brother of Cyril, no relation to 13), (18) Bert Champ (Cressing Road), (19) Dick Adams (Cressing Road). Front row, left to right, (20) — Baxter, (21) ??? (Cressing Road), (22) Cecil Joslin, (23) — Woodwards, (24) — Sutton (Hatfield Peverel), (25) ???.

PhotographerButcher's Studios, Witham, Essex
Date taken1940-1944
SourceJoslin, Cecil, Cerine, Braintree Road.
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