Old Photos of Witham

Crittall’s lead glazing works, group of eleven

Taken: 1926-1929, Source: Wade, Cyril, 13 Long Acre Road, Cressing, Ref: M2732

Girls at Crittall’s lead glazing factory, Maltings Lane. The back row includes Emily Carter (2nd from left, later Mrs Charlie Wade, who married in 1929 and stopped working at the factory then), Miriam Mead (4th from left, later Mrs Percy Smith) perhaps Evvy Hammond (far right, of Cressing, later Mrs Brown). 

The front row includes Ethel Ellis (2nd from left, later Mrs Butcher), and Evelyn Baldwin (4th from left, later Mrs Arthur Shelley) (not Florrie Baldwin as first suggested by Tony Pennock, he revised his view, because Evelyn worked at Crittall’s and Florrie at Pinkham’s; they were very alike). 

The factory probably opened in early 1926 (Witham UDC building plan 369, at ERO, approved 28 December 1925, is for the conversion of the old maltings, architect CHB Quennell).

Date taken1926-1929
SourceWade, Cyril, 13 Long Acre Road, Cressing
Posted on Full size 2560 × 1803

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