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Dedication of the cemetery in Rickstones Road in 1933

Taken: 8 November 1933, Source: Lucy Croxall. Daughter of James. Is in her scrapbook (ERO Acc.10690)., Ref: M601

Dedication of cemetery, Rickstones Road, procession. Reverend A J T Lewis carrying the cross, followed by the two churchwardens with staffs of office (James Croxall on left, Henry B Peecock on right). Probably the Registrar of the diocese in wig behind them. The Bishop of Chelmsford on extreme right. The church choir follows, accompanied by Reverend Charles W Barlow (vicar 1933-1936) just to left of the procession’s leader.

M602 is another photo of the same event.

There is a report in the Braintree and Witham Times at about 8 November 1933.

Date taken8 November 1933
SourceLucy Croxall. Daughter of James. Is in her scrapbook (ERO Acc.10690).
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