Old Photos of Witham

Dial of clock made by Richard Wright of Witham, c.1780

Ref: M1821

The dial of a clock made by Richard Wright of Witham, c. 1780. Described in Wiltshire Clocks online catalogue in 2003 as “a small oak-cased clock. The 10-inch square dial has a silvered chapter ring and dial centre. The thirty-hour movement is of birdcage type and strikes the hours on a bell. The overall height of the clock is 71 inches”. See also the post under “Clockmaking – Richard Wright “.

PhotographerWiltshire Clocks
SourceSuccony, Paul, Wiltshire Clocks. Was referred to by Google in April 2003 as being on their website. It wasn't, so Paul emailed me two pages in .ppt format, and I took out the writing.
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