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Douglas family memorial in parish church

Photographer: Roy Belsham, 7 Luard Way, Witham., Taken: June 2004, Source: Belsham, Roy, 7 Luard Way, Witham, Ref: M2088

Douglas family memorial in parish church. Some of information on the stone is covered up and so not visible. This is shown in the following by square brackets. Where possible the missing information has been supplied in the square brackets by JG from parish registers. Location: to the west of no. 319 previously in central aisle approx 1 metre from Rood Screen steps. Now concealed by timber platform, with removable panel over monument. Consists of incised Roman lettering into a black slate slab approximately 1.2 m x 2 m. Reads: IN MEMORY OF / ARCHIBALD DOUGLAS Esq r / A GENERAL IN HER MAJESTY’S ARMY, / [A]ND COLONEL OF THE 5TH REG T OF DRAGOON[S] / WHO DEPARTED THIS LIFE 8TH DAY OF NOV R 177[8] / AGED 7[1] YEARS / AND OF / ELIZABETH DOUGLAS HIS WIFE, / WHO DIED ON THE 9TH DAY OF FEBRUARY 1770 AGED [43] YEARS / ALSO OF / CHARLOTTE DOUGLAS THEIR DAUGHTER, / WHO DIED ON THE 18TH DAY OF MARCH 1773 AGED [10] YEARS / HYDE DOUGLAS ANOTHER DAUGHTER, / WHO DIED ON THE [??] DAY OF APRIL 1773 / AGED [8] YEARS / CHARLES DOUGLAS THEIR SON, / WHO DIED ON THE 4TH DAY OF SEPTEMBER 177[6] AGED [15] YEARS / CATHARINE DOUGLAS THEIR DAUGHTER / WHO DIED ON THE 4 TH DAY OF MARCH 1810 AGED [56] YEARS / AND OF / ELIZABETH DOUGLAS THEIR DAUGHTER / WHO DIED ON THE 9 TH DAY OF SEPTEMBER 18[3]1 AGED [77]’

PhotographerRoy Belsham, 7 Luard Way, Witham.
Date takenJune 2004
SourceBelsham, Roy, 7 Luard Way, Witham
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