Photos of Witham

Drawing of bottom of Newland Street looking up

Taken: 1860-1890 approx, Source: Maurice Smith, Ref: M236

Drawing of the bottom of Newland Street, looking up. Includes on left, left to right, sign reading ‘Willsher, builder’ (at approx 74 Newland Street), 72 Newland Street (tall, five windows, name not legible), 70 Newland Street (Cheek’s Printing Office), 68 Newland Street (after gap), 66 Newland Street (with dormer windows), 64 Newland Street (projecting, behind lamp post). On right, Spread Eagle hotel (gables), 53 Newland Street, 55 Newland Street.

Date taken1860-1890 approx
SourceMaurice Smith
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