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Duke of Connaught inspecting scouts at Witham railway station

Taken: 1913, Source: Mott, Ted, Ref: M157

Witham scouts being inspected by the Duke of Connaught, Queen Victoria’s son, at the railway station, 1913. He was passing through by train, and alighted specially, to present a national rifle-shooting award which had been provided by himself. He remarked on the Witham Scouts’ smartness. From left to right, -?-, Miss Susannah Vaux, Potter Groves (with watch), Canon David Ingles (vicar, back to us, possibly with his grandson), R Darby, -?-, ‘Darky’ Garnett (the only coloured boy in Witham), -?-, -?-, Duke of Connaught (back to us, probably hiding Jack Bawtree, scout leader), -?-, W Duncombe, -?-, Sid O’Shea (with flag), -?-, -?-, Doug Bowyer (in front), -?-, ‘Chap’ Croxall, -?-, Arnold Groves (with flag). The rest to the right unknown.

Date taken1913
SourceMott, Ted
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