Old Photos of Witham

Early photo of the Grove, Witham, by Revd Arthur Du Cane

Taken: Before 1865, Ref: M3060

A leafy view of the Grove from before 1865. Reverend Henry Du Cane lived there, and his grandson, Reverend Arthur Du Cane, was a keen photographer. This is one of his views of Witham, one of the earliest Witham photos in existence. It would be interesting if someone could go through all the various photos of the Grove, and identify where and what the trees are, and work out whether any of them were the Gingko. Not something I have the skill for myself. The original photo belongs to Louise Sarah Sutcliffe; thank you to her for letting me copy it.

PhotographerReverend Arthur Du Cane, (1825 to 1865), grandson of Revd Henry Du Cane of Witham.
Date takenBefore 1865
SourceLouise Sarah Sutcliffe, nee Du Cane. A relative of the Reverend Arthur
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