Old Photos of Witham

Edward Wallace Ashby and wife Roxanne Ashby

Taken: 1922, Ref: M2343

Edward Wallace Ashby and wife Roxanne Ashby. Location unknown. He was born at Ollington Suffolk in 1869 and died at Hatfield Peverel in 1952. She was born in 1874 at Black Notley as Roxanne Emery, died 1955 at Hatfield Peverel. They had a lot of children – Alice, Thomas (killed 1917 in War), Edward, Richard Arthur (married Ethel Ager), Katie (died aged 5), Wallace Alfred, Robert (Bob, died a millionaire after selling Home Farm in Witham), Lionel, John, Evelyn, Jane. First lived on rented smallholding in Rivenhall, then at the Cherry Tree pub in Witham, also with a smallholding, and then to Home Farm, Maltings Lane, Witham, as farmers. This description taken from information from letter from Mrs Anne Barber in 2002 about the duplicate photo at M1595) (on paper files),

Date taken1922
SourceVale, Betty.
12 Cuppers Close, Witham, CM8 1EY (phone 513861). Granddaughter of Edward and Roxanne Ashby.
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