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Engraving of Chipping Hill and river Brain

Source: Maurice Smith, Ref: M237

Engraving of Chipping Hill and river Brain, entitled ‘Roman Station at Chipping Hill, Witham, Essex’. ‘Drawn by W.Bartlett’ [William Henry B, 1809-1854. Prolific ‘topographical draughtsman’ both in UK and overseas, see DNB] ‘Engraved by Tombleson’. ‘Published by Geo. Virtue, 26 Ivy Lane, 1832’ [GV (c 1793-1868), publisher of good artists and engravers. Lots of books. Business ‘of prodigious extent’, during career issued over 20,000 copper and steel engravings. His son James Sprent Virtue (1829-92) continued. See DNB.] Includes on left, probably Chipping bridge, with Chipping mill (now 1 Powershall End) to left of it. Also parish church (probably exaggerated in size), houses in Chippng Hill, and probably Moat farm (dark buildings below church). On right, earthworks (iron age and probably also a Saxon burh; not a Roman station as in the original title). In front, river Brain with cows and man and lady by seat, man carrying something to their right, and sheep. The railway now cuts across this view.

SourceMaurice Smith
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