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Fashion show run by Margaret Brannan’s playgroup

Taken: 1986, Source: Brannan, Margaret and Peter, Ref: M1603

Fashion show at Spring Lodge community centre, run by Margaret Brannan’s playgroup (Chipping Hill Pre-School playgroup) (pic no. 13). The models were mothers. Audience includes: Gerry Moscrop (extreme right, with white sheet in front of her), Antoinette Whitington (on left in second row back, between and behind the two women with white tops who are at extreme left of front row), Liz Conley (to right of Antoinette, with fringe and white mark on photo). Antoinette and Liz taught at Chipping Hill School, Church Street; at one time Liz was the head. Same model as M1602.

Date taken1986
SourceBrannan, Margaret and Peter
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