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Fire brigade with horse drawn fire engine

Taken: 1900 approx, Source: Herbert Keeble, Ref: M65

Witham fire brigade with its horse-drawn fire engine, c.1900. From left to right, back row: George Ottley (driver, ran cabs from near station), William Kentfield (wife was nurse), ???, ???, Charles Rice. Front row: Walter Perkins (Urban District council surveyor, captain), ? Corley, ? Duncombe, ???.

This hand-pumped machine was outshone by the steam pump from Maldon in February 1910 during the fire at the old Constitutional Club. A subscription was raised and Witham purchased its own steam engine to celebrate the 1911 coronation. It was still pulled by horses, which had to be caught, and it had to ‘get steam up’ before working.

There a number of photos about different aspects of the 1911 Coronation:- M65, M145, M146, M147, M148, M149, M150, M1018, M1088, M1220, M1445, M1518, M1862, M1885.

Date taken1900 approx
SourceHerbert Keeble
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