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First World War. Group of VAD nurses and others at Bridge Hospital, 1917

Photographer: Fred Hayward, Taken: September 1917, Source: Smith, Maurice, Ref: M102

First World War. Group of VAD nurses and others at Bridge Hospital. Taken on the occasion of presentations to two of the staff who were about to marry. First, of Miss Mary Gimson, commandant, to Mr Hugh Brandt; she was to leave her post on marriage (for the wedding see photos M118, M187-M191). Second, of Miss Frances Bower, matron, to a former patient, Rifleman R D Dunn; she was to continue her duties. Probably Miss Gimson is the lady in the middle between the two men. On the back row, without a hat, in front of the window, looks like Mrs Caroline Chapman (see photo M108). One of the men may be Dr Karl Gimson, medical officer of the hospital.

PhotographerFred Hayward
Date takenSeptember 1917
SourceSmith, Maurice
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