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First World War. Children’s procession for the peace celebrations in 1919

Taken: 19 July 1919, Source: Mott, Ted, Ref: M170

‘Peace celebrations, Witham, 19.7.19’. This day had been declared ‘Peace Day’ after the signing of the Treaty of Versailles on 28 June, following negotiations after the First World War.

Part of the celebration in Witham was a children’s procession, some of which is shown in this photo. There are boy scouts and brass band, walking and cycling down Newland Street.

In the background is 5 Newland Street (High House). To the right is a 10 m.p.h. sign, with a ring on top.

In front of the ’10 mph’ sign, with a dark shawl on her head, is probably Miss Alice Luard, in the uniform of the ‘Grey Ladies’, who did charitable work in London.

There were also tea and sports in the Maldon Road Recreation Ground (the Park) for children, and a dinner there in a marquee for 425 discharged soldiers who also had races. There was a bonfire in Newland Street in the evening.

There are two reports in the Essex County Chronicle, 25 July 1919.

There are several photos of Peace Day, i.e. M170, M172, M441 (same as M1173), M1173 (same as M441), M2349, M2350.

Date taken19 July 1919
SourceMott, Ted
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