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Flagon of ‘R Smith, wine and spirit merchant, Witham’, close-up of inscription

Photographer: Cyril Taylor, Taken: 1990, Source: Taylor, Cyril, Ref: M1049

Flagon of ‘R Smith, wine and spirit merchant, Witham’, belonging to Martyn Drake. Close-up of inscription. Robert Smith was a brewer from about 1850 to about 1882, when he retired to become a gentleman. He was first at the Angel (site now 39 Newland Street), and then from about 1860 at the site now 35 Newland Street, where a ‘steam brewery’ was mentioned 1870 onwards. He was first referred to as a wine and spirit merchant as well as a brewer in 1859 and this continued thereafter. See note on ‘People’ file for details.

PhotographerCyril Taylor
Date taken1990
SourceTaylor, Cyril
Posted on Full size 2336 × 1541

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