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The funeral of Charles Sneezum, 1915, photo no.3

Photographer: Fred Hayward, Taken: 29 October 1915, Source: Roy Gage, Ref: M924

The funeral of Charles Sneezum, First World War, photo no.3.

Entering Guithavon Street. Boy scouts, coffin and soldiers passing. Probably Mr Blood in his bath chair on the corner.

Includes left to right, 51 Newland Street (shop, right hand gable), 53 Newland, 55 Newland Street, 57 Newland Street (with foliage and porch; has sign ‘To sale or let’)

See also the Essex County Chronicle for 5 November 1915 and for 26 May 1916.

There are a considerable number of photos of the Sneezum family, i.e. M150, M201, M922 to M927, M929 to M943, and M1086. There are also references to them in many of the posts about the First World War, which come under Subjects.

PhotographerFred Hayward
Date taken29 October 1915
SourceRoy Gage
Posted on Full size 3918 × 2404

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