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Glover’s Motors’ first shop, 147 Newland Street. “Brighton Prizewinners”

Taken: 1896[?], Ref: M3083

Glover’s Motors’ first shop, 147 Newland Street. The signs read “Glover Bros., Cycle Makers, Engineers, Cycles, Domestic Machinery Repairs” Two cars in front. A faint handwritten note reads “Brighton Prizewinners 1896[?]”. 

The date is not very clear, but 1896 was the first year that the London to Brighton Car run was held, then it wasn’t held again till 1927. By then, Glovers were no longer at these premises, so 1896 is the most likely date. Possibly Joe Glover is the middle of the three men. The same photo as M3079.

Date taken1896[?]
SourceKim Harvey, grandson of Joe Glover.
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